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Post by indonesianto on Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:37 pm

By Nofrita Negoro

When my mother was born I do not know
every year to grow my children who are hungry for love
passed more passes
I own no accompanying

But then I found you
take care, look after me, love me
My happy with your
very happy

You should call my aunt my mother
I was sad when you are gone
today was my day so lonely without you
Did aunt want you to be my mother?

Aunt said "anytime may call mom"
I was amazed to hear
my day filled with fun day
until you are old and frail

Until the end of life
mother will still love me
in time, wherever and whenever
I'm proud of you .. my mother's aunt

By Gan'ds Abadi

Smile ..
your smile make me happy .
when we laugh together .
i fell happy when we share the pain .
because you are my bestfriend .
sometimes i fell sad because u make me heard .
but i know you'llbe my bestfriend .

Friend ..
thanks foe erevything .
erevything tou can do and do it for me .

By Mych Ryan

It’s always hurt to see you cry
To see tears falling like rain from the sky
And there’s no answer for why
I never question myself, I never try

It’s always hurt to know there’s nothing I can do
And fact that I don’t even know what to do
It’s so sad but so true
Feels like the color blue

Someday we’ll see we were wrong
And then we realize the day has done
Time won’t turn back, it’s no use to regret
It’s not easy to say good bye, but someway we have to try

Sometimes it’s hurt to remember
About the days we had together
And a piece of heart inside me
Carved with your smile, you can see…

It was the day when I used to care
Think about you, anytime, anywhere
The day when I used to drive you home
When the night was so cold and you were alone

That’s just history, saved properly in my memory
Now we are so far and so different, and yet so silent….
No voices when you say, just few words on my display
That’s OK. Thanks anyway….

PS. I’m sad about the problem you had
But don’t worry my friend,
I’ll be the man when you look behind

By Mych Ryan

Here I am, standing in the brink of the day
Staring at the sun that has gone away
And a smile upon your face,
Make me never wanna leave this place

There you are, hardly I can see cause you just so far
I see your eyes blinking, are you a star?
But I remember you said you’re a moon
So I should have seen you soon

And here we are now,
You come to me somehow
You are getting closer and closer,
But why I feel like a stranger?

I remember,
It’s been 365 nights since the last goodbye
It’s too long for me, that’s the reason why

Now please come down, get lower
I’m on the top of the tower and can’t go higher
I have something to say to you
I need to tell you, that… I wanna stop loving you

By Mych Ryan

Nothing to say, the rain drifted my words away
No place to stay, the love was taken away
The moon has fallen, the heart has broken
I’m here, fighting against my own demon

The fight of good and bad,
Happy and sad
Love and hate,
But I think it’s too late….

Looks like the demons win,
They’re laughing loud on my sins

Now I’m waiting for forgiveness
From you, not from others
Thousands rivers won’t be enough to wash me
From my sins, and from all the demons in me

By Jayafran

Dear God,
I am sorry not to take the path You made
My forgiveness to obey the spoke You whisper
My apologized to ignore Your prohibition
I am sorry to travel alone without Your guide

Dear God,
Maybe I am to proud to myself
My confidence to choose all my path alone
This greed that wanting more than I need
The selfish arrogant ungraceful man

Now I am lost in the middle of nowhere
Stand between the dark cold scary valley
This darkness makes me loose my sight
The fog does not allowed me to see the light

Dear God,
Slowly my conscious turn to madness
This eyes getting blurry and shaded
The sound of nature fading away I can not hear
My body is numb I can not even stand

Dear God,
I know I just a sinner
Disgrace my self with all my sins
Throw away your blessing grace
Now I just turn into something I am not

Dear God,
Please take my soul away
To take Your undying conviction
I do not deserve to live this life no more
The demon has own my soul forever

By Indah D Panjaitan

I don’t know, why I should thingking like that
Is about you and only you
I don’t know why I love you so much and miss you much

Every time I see you in my mind
Every night I see you in my dreams
I don’t know why I should thingking about you
Sometimes, I’m so doubt so I’ll never forget you for forever
Have more time I tried to do it
But I can’t (forget) do it
Although I have to try
I don’t know why, are you same like me??
Are you know, I always make our story to my poetry
Whenever I create my poetry, I cried…
Sometimes, I regret to meet you because I things to meet you is the happy moment.
And it make I’m so difficult to forget you and these moment

If I know all of will like that, I never want to know you more and more
The fact, I never wish for you to love me
I never thought that you must know about my mind.
But ever, I have mind so you thing like me.

Have you ever know, if I read my poetry I’ll be down
I smiling to remind these last time, sad moment, sweet moment, until the seriously moment
I miss the times and want to back to the last


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